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Up Close And Personal With Lotus-Renault GP F1 Car


Science is humanities greatest measure. Deducing cause and effect from every atom in existence is simple play for this tool. As with the decimal point has ever increasing figures after it, the search for perfection in an imperfect world is a never ending journey. What sits before me is not a simply a byproduct of science, but the embodiment of science itself.

A Formula One car is like a living creature in that it must function in order to continue its existence. Without use it would simply destroy itself. A team of people must continuously work to keep it alive; pumping hot water through its engine, running tests on oil and even keeping it at a specific temperature. Whilst in a motionless state you could say the car even looks docile, but take a second glance and you can tell that literally every atom in its structure has been tailored for one thing… Speed.

From the entirely carbon fibre body to the vents that cool the carbon-ceramic breaks, every aspect has had more attention paid to it than the entirety of a modern road car. Millions of pounds are spent crafting perfection in a continuous pledge to increase the rate that this animal can lap a track. But within the exterior sculpted by numbers is a beating heart that pushes the laws of physics to their limit.

The 2.4 litre V8 engine is something from another planet. The oil inside travels faster than the car is capable of moving. It revs beyond comprehension to the point where standard pistons would burst through the car. This unit is a burnished specimen of perfection, one of the finest engineering achievements in the world.

The deafening roar as the car is brought to life goes straight through you like a bullet from a sniper rifle. The ground trembles whilst this incredible machine idles and as it rolls out of the pit lane words can barely describe peoples anticipation.

Quite at first but building with the tension, the scream of science and rage arrives at your eardrum. The incredible speed is inspiring but so vicious that the crowd winces as the Formula One combatant darts by. But what is by far and away the most impressive thing about this machine is the way that it changes direction. Image trying to bat a mosquito with a newspaper… This is the mosquito that you haven’t got a hope in hell of hitting! A split second is all it takes for the drivers input to become an immediate output. It is awe-inspiring.

When the fabled creature returns to the pits its carers are waiting and once stationary there is the most dramatic silence as the engine dies away immediately. Plugged back into its life-support machines this predator of the track knows that its status is legendary.