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Vauxhall Adam Rocks Concept Set For Geneva


Vauxhall Adam Rocks Concept frontThe Vauxhall Adam has only just hit showrooms aiming to be what the 500 is to Fiat. There is a huge emphasis on individuality as the Adam hasVauxhall Adam Rocks Concept rear many customisation options, but Vauxhall are already looking to expand the models line-up further by introducing a new variation.

Much in the same light as VW’s Cross Up! the Adam Rocks concept car is a slightly more rugged edition of the standard car. This micro-crossover is just a concept car for now, obviously Vauxhall want to gauge how well the original Adam will sell first, but the Rocks seems likely to become a reality at some point. Featuring a Citroen DS3 style fabric roof, we rather like the cars overall aesthetic. Also it is thought that its central exhaust and more defined lines hint at what the up and coming Adam VXR model could look like.