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Vauxhall Adam S packs 148BHP


Vauxhall Adam SI don’t know about where you live, but down on the south coast of England the Vauxhall Adam is quite a rare sight. It might just be because its funky modern design doesn’t resonate with the predominately white haired folks around here, but when one does appear it turns heads. For the Geneva motor show Vauxhall are bringing a concept car that is very close to being production ready. That car is the Vauxhall Adam S.

This new sporty Adam is destined to give the car a little bit of a performance tweak. The Vauxhall Adam S is powered by a 1.4 litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces a peppy 148BHP and 162lb ft of torque. Performance gains don’t just come from more power though as this car has been put on diet of a hallow cast iron block and plastic intake manifolds. Also new to this Adam are those smart 18 inch alloy wheels which house VXR brakes. Aesthetically there are a few little changes including a rear spoiler and red trim for the additional Recaro seats.