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Vauxhall Astra GTC Revealed


A sporty two door hatchback is a recommendation for anyone looking for practicality, performance and value for money all rolled into one. Vauxhall’s new Astra is a big step-up from its predecessor offering vastly superior quality and ergonomics. Not bad to look at either… However there is a two-door shaped gap in the current model range but today that has been plugged with the GTC.

Not straying far from it’s concept car of last year, the GTC brings that sleek design right into the firing line of the Focus and Megan. Vauxhall are drip feeding us details for now but all shall be revealed come June 7th. The first production example will be on public display at the Frankfurt motor show later this year and is expected to hit showrooms a few weeks later.

We’ll keep you posted.