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Vettel Set For Ferrari Move


Life does seem to be going Sebastian Vettels way at the moment. The youngest ever Formula One world champion is looking to claim his third title in 2012 and with a crushing victory in Korea last weekend, it is something that is becoming increasingly likely. His Red Bull car that he pilots has been dominant giving him win after win over the past few years, but what would it take to tempt the German away from a team that appears to be unstoppable. The answer is Ferrari.

Ferrari are a bit different to any other team in F1. Underneath the red paint the prancing horse has a rich history and a nostalgic influence second to none. Ferrari insiders report that a deal has been done with Vettel for the 2014 season on the proviso that Ferrari maintain their performance throughout 2013. Sebastian Vettel is under contract with Red Bull for 2014 but in his contract is a claws that means if he surpasses performance expectations, which he has done, he may leave early. Vettel has publicly said that he would love to drive for Ferrari and Ferrari have openly said they want him to drive for them. 2014 sees a vast change in the rules and so with potential changes in the pecking order imminent, it is the perfect time to jump ship. All of this leaves Ferrari’s number 2, Massa, out in the cold. It has been said that his performance over the past few races have earned him a drive for one final year in 2013.