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Video Review: Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury


2014-Land-Rover-Discovery-HSE-Luxury-off-raodThe Land Rover Discovery is an icon within the automotive world and one of the the brands crowning achievements. Since 1989 the Discovery has been the go anywhere vehicle for the modern world and now in its fourth generation it is better than ever. Families to farmers, the model has a broad and loyal following, yet, competitors are eyeing this cars superiority everyday. Looking handsome with its updated aesthetics, this Discovery has a premium air about it. The distinctive shape now sports chromed detailing and new Discovery branding on its nose ready for a future ‘Discovery” family of cars. We test the Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury.

Combining comfort, practicality and incredible off road capabilities, this latest Land Rover Discovery tested in its highest trim level impresses. A 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 diesel engine and 8 speed automatic transmission sends power to all four wheels. Packed with technology such as water depth finding sonar, terrain response systems and hight adjustable suspension, nature doesn’t stand a chance! However, with such luxuries as digital TV and and heated everything, this very costly example needs to justify its steep price tag. Can it?

Find out in the video review below and check out our full written review HERE.