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Volkswagen e-up! Goes All Electric


volkswagen-upThe Volkswagen e-up! is now available to purchase in all-electric form as the new e-up! joins the refreshed UK range. The new e-up! promises all the practicality, style and quality of the standard car but now comes with the benefit of zero emissions.

The electric motor produces 81bhp with torque at 210Nm, meaning a leisurely but respectable 12.4 seconds to 62mph and a top speed of 80mph. The car is capable of doing 93 miles between charges thanks to the 204 cell lithium ion battery in the cars floor. The motor is paired to a single-speed gearbox that aids in a very quiet driveline.

Despite the battery weighing 230kg, the Volkswagen e-up! tips the scales at 1,139kg, which is less that its combustion counterpart and again improves economy. The variety of charging cables include a fast charge connection which replenishes 80 percent of the cars battery in 30 minutes. A full charge from a household plug takes nine hours although customers can option in a wall box for home which reduces the charging time down to six hours.

The interior is much the same as the standard up! with air conditioning, cruise control, parking sensors as well as automatic wipers and headlights coming as standard. The cabin also features a leather trimmed steering wheel and chrome-trimmed interior door handles, air vent surrounds and instruments. A smartphone docking station which allows the driver to turn their phone into the cars infotainment system via the Volkswagen app is also included.

The e-up! is available as a five door, whilst alterations to the styling include bigger front bumpers with unique ‘C’ signature LED running lights and a more angular rear bumper includes a prominent diffuser panel.

The new Volkswagen e-up! starts at £20,780, including the government plug-in car grant of £4,500 with deliveries beginning in October.