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Volkswagen NMC Concept to take on Mercedes CLA


Volkswagen NMCAs every car manufacturer looks to extend their marketshare, expansion into areas where they don’t currently exist is a good way to go about it. This sometimes results in some brands taking on competitors that they wouldn’t usually in any other circumstance. In Beijing a new concept car from VW may see them battle the likes of Mercedes for sales. As more “everyday” manufacturers attempt to move upmarket, it is the premium brands that are beginning to feel the squeeze. Volkswagen NMC Concept to take on Mercedes CLA.

Based upon the VW MQB platform, this is the Volkswagen NMC. The rather seductive saloon has a prominent stance that makes it stand out from other models in the Germans range. It still retains that VW family resemblance, but is clearly from the upper classes of the motor world. Wearing some snazzy alloy wheels and a contrasting roof panel, it looks the part. Seating 5 the NMC retains much of the practicality of the Jetta it shares components with. The engine for this concept car is a 2.0 litre petrol unit which produces 217BHP. Sitting below the CC, the Volkswagen NMC may be a concept car for now, but it is highly likely to see production.