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Volvo’s Future Revealed In New Concept Car


Volvo; safe, reliable, comfortable, but some might say boring. Fantastic cars but they do tend to lack a sense of occasion. Well Volvo are now attempting to redefine their brand taking a risky move into the luxury sector. This is due to their new Chinese owners who see future cars from the brand being premium in nature. This is showcased in the Concept You.

Designed to compete with Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the luxury limo department, the Concept You takes on a new design direction for Volvo. Long sloping body lines define its shape whilst inside the cabin is pure craftsmanship. The interior also lacks many buttons and instead favors touch sensitive panels. Designers say the car is built around “you”, hence the name, and they firmly believe in the companies new aspirations.

Can Volvo take on the Germans at their own game? It will take a hell of a lot of work that is for sure.