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Volvo Concept Coupe is Futuristic Forerunner


Volvo Coupe Concept frontVolvo are very much leading the way when it comes to the motor cars technological advancement. Already with a reputation for pioneering new safety features, the future of the company is one that is very exciting. The new Volvo Concept Coupe shown at the Frankfurt motor show is the embodiment of a modern day Volvo wrapped in a sleek coupe package.

The Concept Coupe could be seen as a re-imagining of the classic P1800 with its coupe body style and clean design. Its design language foreshadows that of future models including the up and coming XC90. Inside the cabin you are surrounded by the latest tech and bathed in blue LED lighting. The console is dominated by a large touch screen that plugs directly into a system that will actively steer the car to avoid accidents. This concept is superseded by a 2.0 litre turbo and supercharged engine that powers the front wheels as well as an electric motor that drives the rear wheels. Total output of the system is 395BHP and 442lb ft of torque.

Volvo Coupe Concept rearVolvo Coupe Concept inside