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Volvo Concept Estate Points to the Future


Volvo Concept Estate frontVolvo have always been at the cutting edge of safety technology and over the years has pioneered many innovative features that have saved lives. Of late their cars have also been well executed visually with their designs lookingVolvo Concept Estate inside both majestic and premium in nature. The new XC90 is just around the corner and to preview its new interior and exterior design inspirations Volvo have revealed a new concept car. Volvo Concept Estate points to the future.

Looking like a sculpture on wheels, the Volvo Concept Estate is a mighty handsome shootingbrake that offers the company a platform to show off what is coming next for the brand. Flowing body panels and distinctive lighting will no doubt make their way onto future production cars. The interior is simple and clean with a large portrait touchscreen replacing the console of buttons that we have today. The idea is that removing the clutter means that a driver will be less distracted whilst driving and thus safer. Volvo’s XC90 is the next car the company is to show and will closely model itself on this interior.

Though simply a design exercise, we hope that Volvo Concept Estate goes on to inspire the new V60.