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Volvo Reveal XC60 Plug-in


Though the amount of electric cars on the road is on the up, the general trend still favors the trusty old combustion engine. Manufacturers in a bid to ween us off our fuel dependency have been deploying plug-in hybrids for a few years now. Volvo recently showed its plug-in Hybrid V60 but now has bigger plans for the alternative power train medium.

Slinking onto the world stage is the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid. Packed within the attractive XC60 bodywork is a four cylinder motor paired to an electric motor. Just like the V60, the car has 3 modes; pure, hybrid, and power. In pure electric mode the XC60’s range can be up to 28 miles. Emission are lowered substantially in hybrid mode to 56g/km and in power mode this Volvo can achieve 0-62MPH in just 6.1 seconds. Total BHP output is 350. This concept also uses the same innovative “save mode” as the V60 plug-in.