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Volvo S60 Cross Country Unveiled


Volvo S60 Cross Country rearIn 1997, Volvo became the first premium brand to produce a variant of it’s estate which was capable of tackling on and off road conditions. These days the term ‘crossover’ is one that we are all Volvo S60 Cross Country frontfamiliar with and Volvo were at the forefront of creating a whole new type of lifestyle vehicle. Fast forward 18 years into 2015 and Volvo are taking another bold step at the Detroit Motor Show where they are unveiling the S60 Cross Country. This is the first premium sedan style car that comes with the same levels of rugged design and capabilities as the established Cross Country estates.

“We want to further explore the market with our Cross Country brand. We did this back in 1997 with the V70 Cross Country and it led to the birth of a whole new segment. We have included all the capability-driven benefits of the Cross Country brand in this new model, while offering a completely unique expression of adventure and all-road readiness in a distinctly sporty and stylish package,” says Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Vehicle Line Management at Volvo.

An increased ride height and a proficient all-wheel drive setup makes the S60 the only truly capable all-road saloon crossover on the market. Front wheel drive is also available in the UK and other selected markets. “The S60 Cross Country is the sole contender in the crossover saloon segment. We have identified a clear niche in the market for a more capable saloon with rugged styling cues and a higher stance. The S60 Cross Country will appeal to people that are searching for an exciting and capable saloon, whilst enjoying the clear benefits that a crossover offers,” says Alain Visser, Senior Vice President Sales.

The S60 Cross Country is available with both 18” and 19” wheels with high profile tyres that offer comfort, reduced road noise and increased wheel protection when required. The dynamic styling of the S60 Cross Country reportedly offers a unique and adventurous twist to the stereotypical saloon concept. Prices for this rugged yet sophisticated all-roader are expected to be announced soon, with deliveries expected to commence from July this year.