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VW’s Golf GTI Goes Topless


The VW Golf GTI is the original hot-hatchback. Being affordable and offering excitement behind the wheel made it popular and widely adopted to the point where it has become an industry benchmark. But with competitors snapping at their heels what have the German’s done to keep our interest in what is now the GTI’s 6th incarnation? Cut its head off of course…

This is the VW Golf GTI Cabriolet Concept, a car that will have the wind rushing through your hair with one of its rear tyres cocked. The 207BHP turbocharged ASBO induced machine gets a new set of sculpted rims, some swollen sills and a general “bad boy” persona. Lowered suspension adds to the cars aggressive stance reaffirming that cheap convertibles are not just for hairdressers.

The car is just a concept for now however if enough interest is generated it might just make it into production.