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VW E-Bugster Is Sleek, Sexy and Silent


Let us get this out of the way first. The original VW Beetle was a travesty on wheels offering one of the worst motoring experiences the world had ever seen. Its only positive was that it didn’t cost a vast quantity and it was simple to repair. The Beetle that followed it was dull and failed to become as popular as its predecessor. This years Bug however, we really like with its masculine features and turbocharged engine. At Detroit VW continue to please us further.

This interesting silhouette you see before you is the E-Bugster and isn’t it quite something to look at! The roof has been lowered by 3 inches and the car now sits on 20 inch alloys. This in tandem with more muscular hunches and bumpers really does make for a good looking machine. Underneath the body is an electric motor that has a 100 mile range. The Germans claim that the battery can be charged to 80% in a rather handy 30 minutes from a quick charge point. The motor produces 114BHP and 199lb-ft of torque.

Though just a concept for now, the new bug is sure to get an electric drivetrain further through its production lifecycle.