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VW Reveal MK7 Golf


Everything in life has a benchmark. Athletes have personal bests, gym equipment has its calibrations, and pensioners have their high score on Countdown. VW for decades have provided the automotive industry with its benchmark for hatchbacks with the Golf. The Germans even sparked an advertising campaign  entitled “just like a Golf” where each car on screen has its merits being described as being like a Golfs. Nobody argued with this as baring the questionable MK4 this astonishing machine has been the unquestionable segment leader. So how do you improve upon the best? The new MK7 steps up to the challenge.

This all-new design is a real ground breaker for Volkswagen as arguably their second most iconic model (after the beetle) attempts to raise the bar higher than its already dizzying level. The car is much lighter that the MK6 but has still managed to grow in size becoming longer and wider. The styling is fresh but it couldn’t be anything other than a Golf. The interior has taken another step up in terms of quality in a bid to outdo the premium nature of the latest Ford Focus. As this the outgoing model there will be a wide range of petrol and diesel motors, but the real star of the show comes in the form of the BlueMotion. This models 103BHP 1.6 diesel will achieve a class leading 88.3MPG.

Of corse VW are primed to launch multiple variations such as GTI, R, Plus, and an estate.