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VW to Enter F1 in 2018


The Volkswagen group these days is vast. Spanning many manufacturers it not only makes an impression in the showroom, but also in the world of motorsport. Audi are dominate in Le Mans, Porsche produces the worlds most successful racing car, VW themselves enter the WRC from next year. But what about the pinnacle of motorsport? What about Formula One?

It has been rumoured for years that VW will make the jump and it has now come to light that they intend to produce a 2018 entrant. With new regulations coming into force in 2014 their timing is perfect allowing for a good level of development before entering the sport. VW says it has “many good brands” to enter the sport with but has not hinted at what guise this effort will go under. Porsche? Audi? Bentley? Or even a legendary return for Bugatti in grand prix racing?