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VW Unveil Polo WRC Challenger


Rallying is one of the most demanding sports on the planet. Covering hundreds of miles per hour on treacherous terrain dodging trees and any other inanimate objects. One thing about it is for sure, you must have balls of steel to compete in it. The WRC over the past few years has seen a decline in entrants leaving things a bit baron. However a resurgence is on its way as many new team take a leap into the ruff an tumble. VW follow Mini and Skoda into the fray.

The Germans have been mooted to be entering the sport for many years but today confirmation of a works Polo competitor was announced. The car will begin testing later this year and will be competing in the 2013 season. At least three years of participation has been funded. The Polo is to be powered by a 1.6 litre TSI engine producing 300BHP. Other details on the car itself at the moment are few and far between but VW are confident that it will be just as competitive as the Golf in the 1980’s.