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We Explore the Ferrari 599 GTO


It is the most capable car the prestigious brand has ever built. The most powerful, the most advanced, the fastest… The Ferrari 599 GTO is an astonishing machine both to look at and in terms of engineering. Today hidden deep within a Ferrari maintenance bay we got our first taste of this beast, and we want more!

Now for obvious reasons we couldn’t take photographs, but we did have a very in-depth look at the 599 GTO indeed. We entered the maintenance area and you can just tell that it was a Ferrari bay from the smell of the types of oil and precision in placement of absolutely everything. Our GTO was lowered from the heavens on a lift, its reputation preceding its eventual unveiling. The car looks like a precision weapon as just by looking at this machine you can tell every vent, crease and sill had a function and wasn’t just put their to look pretty.

As with every Ferrari the attention to detail, even to the underside of the car, is awe-inspiring. The bonnet had already been opened to reveal it’s magnificent, hand crafted V12 that took pride of place beneath the nostril riddled hood. Also the new carbon fibre breaks and pads were very evident as they predominantly peer through the spokes in the rims.

Although our encounter was brief, the Ferrari 599 GTO has left a lasting impression. We shall get our hands on one again soon, that’s a promise!