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We get an early look that the 2012 Honda Civic


The Honda Civic is a bedrock of the automotive industry. The little hatch throughout its time has challenged the market in terms of innovation, design and value. The current Civic is a car I rank highly as it is not only involving to drive, but also to look at. This new 9th generation car has some big shoes to fill…


We were invited to a preview event by Honda to get all “touchy feely” with the 2012 Civic. So lets start with what meets the eye. This car, just one of only 10 in the UK, is of the highest available specification and being honest the grey paint doesn’t do it justice. The design is not as extravert as its predecessor, and the darker colour does its best to hide various features. However, it is very easy to see the the muscular front end is something to admire. The polished black grill hints at the cars premium nature whilst LED daytime running lights illustrate the cars wider stance. Moving to view the Civic in profile reveals a more subtle approach to features like the door handles. Personally I loved the old Civic’s rocket shaped attachments, but according to Honda focus groups they turned out to be more of a pain in the long term. The rear is where things become familiar again with the same split windscreen as the 8th generation car. A much needed rear wiper has also been added. Overall the look has been toned down in a bid to keep loyal Honda customers who didn’t appreciate the new-age look of the current Civic.

Inside the car is a wash with screens and displays telling you everything from your economy to displaying pictures. The feel of the car is a big step forward in terms of quality over the old model. The leather is thick, the seats very supportive and the technology vast. My only real criticism is that there were far too many buttons to control various bits and bobs. There were 16 around the central display alone and easily double that on the surrounding features.  In the rear there is ample space for three and the much loved “magic seats” make an applauded return. Rear visibility has improved, though thanks to the split windscreen the rearview mirror is still more of an ornament than a practical means of looking behind. Boot room is still brilliant and more than enough to worry the likes of the Focus.

Overall the new Honda Civic is impressive and a clear refinement of the breed. Despite, in my personal opinion, its tame appearance the car is impressive with fantastic attention to detail. The designers have even altered the tip of the boot lid to stop rain drops pitter-pattering on owners heads! Obviously we can’t pass judgment on the 2012 Civic just yet but we have been promised the keys come January…