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Webber Signed For Red Bull 2011


Current championship leader, Mark Webber, has signed with Red Bull Racing for a further year in the Formula One World Championship. After occurrences involving a collision with team mate Vettle in the Turkish GP, rumours put Mark looking for a new drive next year. Mark has previously stated that he won’t stay in F1 for the sake of it and as he only signed a one year contract with his current team it was looking likely that the rumours were true. Speculation can now silence itself as the ink on the 2011 contract has dried.

The contract is just for another year but the Australian did say that he prefers it this way as he does not know how much longer he will remain in the sport. He said “I continue to feel very comfortable here – I have a fantastic relationship with the whole team and the factory at Milton Keynes feels like home. It’s been incredible to be part of the team as its moved forward from a midfield competitor to one that is challenging for the championship.”

I say this is a good move by both Mark and the team as a top team and a driver that is at the top of his game is a perfect partnership.