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What Makes a Good… Crossover


2013 Honda CR-V riverHere in the United Kingdom we have something of a romance with the crossover segment. Much like we did with estate cars in the 90’s, everyone from Mum’s on the school run to marketing men, and even the famed, have adopted this flourishing segment. A trip to your local supermarket shall reveal just why nearly every manufacturer produces a car of this type as every other car parking space is occupied by one. So what does it take to become a success in this market space? The Honda CR-V provides a much desired blueprint.

Driving Position

The first thing that draws people to these cars is their much desired high driving position. The commanding view over traffic not only provides great visibility, but also promotes the idea of a big car being safer. Our model car here backs that up with a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating.

2013 Honda CR-V rearPracticality

Practicality is obviously a big factor when it comes to cars that are to become the workhorse of any family. Ample space is required for children, dogs, push-chairs and that all important food shopping trip. However, how practical a car is is about more than just how much you can fit in the boot, it is also about how easy it is to use that space day-to-day. A neat touch the CR-V is equipped with is a system that folds the rear seats flat with a pull of a leaver making life much easier when it comes to loading the car. Doors that open wide are also greatly appreciated especially when it comes to putting things such as children’s car seats in.

2013 Honda CR-V frontErgonomics

Having a relaxing environment whilst driving is important and the comfort of a crossover is often a make or break factor. Ergonomically the car needs to be sound, buttons in logical locations and so on. These cars do more than just the school run and can often be seen on a daily commute, thus it is key that the driving position is one that will be comfortable for longer journeys.


In a car that has to do everything, people do expect it to have pretty much every piece of equipment under the sun. The toys list in the perfect crossover should range from the necessities all the way to heated leather seats. If you want a DAB radio you should be able to have one. Our model car again provides a good example of a well structured options list that begins at S with USB ports to EX with a glass roof. In a machine that you will spend so much time in it is important that it is tailored to your liking.


We chose the Honda CR-V as our model car for this segment on the basis of it ticking all of these boxes. As well as being a good all-rounder, its Japanese reliability and high build quality make it a very alluring ownership proposition.

2013 Honda CR-V profile