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Wheel Nuts: Tom Lynch


Tom LynchWelcome to the second instalment of our new weekly “Wheel Nuts” feature where we momentarily shift the spotlight from the cars and onto the people who make it all happen. Each week we feature a new star, be it a face from in front of the camera or behind the scenes, giving you a look at the inner workings of a largely hidden industry. Today it is the turn of Tom Lynch.

One of the reasons we were so eager to start this series is because it allows us to feature people like Tom. Whilst you enjoy your motoring fix from whatever outlet, the cars all have to come from somewhere. Tom Lynch is the current guardian to Honda’s press fleet, and the man who is responsible for ensuring a shiny new set of wheels arrives ready for its turn on the stage. A huge thanks to Tom for taking the time to answer our questions!

Tom Lynch

Press Fleet Executive at Honda

What is it about cars that gets you fired up?

Where do I start? The sound I think is one of my favourite things about  cars. Hearing Civic Type R Hungary wheelsomething like a Ferrari flat-12, at full chat just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, that said being a bit of a car geek I find pleasure even in the sound of something like an old Volvo 850, that 5 pot warble is just delicious. I think the ability to distinguish the number of cylinders a car has by the sound singles me out as a bit of nerd when it comes to cars. The next thing that I enjoy most  about is of course driving them. Nothing comes close to the experience of driving a good car down a great road and when the conditions are right you and the machine just become one. When the car becomes your sole focus, it’s just magical. I have to say if there is a specific thing about cars I take pleasure in, it’s nailing the perfect rev-matched downshift, especially in something that sounds awesome. That will never fail to leave a massive grin on my face.

Earliest car related memory?

I can still remember being about 3 and my favourite toy was a little black BMW. I was absolutely inseparable from it and would spend hours and hours with it on my car playmat. I’ve been obsessed with cars from day 1 and apparently one of my first words was ‘car’.

What was your first car?

My first car was a BMW E46 330i Sport, I worked every weekend for about 6 months while at uni to save up for it. I loved that car, kept it for 2 years and it taught me all the basics about handling.

What is your current set of wheels?

Tom Lynch BMWI’m known for not keeping my cars long, there are so many different experiences I want to have I rarely keep anything more than 6 months. I’ve just sold my Audi S4 Avant and have recently returned to BMW with a 328i Sport. I still have my motorbike and of course the Honda Press Fleet!

Perfect road trip?

I’m always planning road trip ideas in my head and seem to never get round to making it happen. The next one I really want to do is drive from home, hop on the Euro Tunnel to France then drive across Belgium, up through Germany, then Denmark, cross the bridge into Sweden then head west into Norway then up the Atlantic Ocean Road all the way to Tromsø. The scenery looks absolutely stunning and some of the roads even better!

What would be in your dream 3 car garage?

Can I only have 3? That’s not enough! I need at least 10! Almost impossible to pick justAudi Quattro 3, but here it goes…. An original Audi Quattro, an Alpina E34 B10 4.6 Touring, and a BMW 850CSi. I think they just about sum up some my favourite era of car design, and a nice range of soundtracks with 5, 8 and 12 cylinders.