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Williams F1 Reveal Martini Livery


2014 Williams Martini F1“They don’t make them like they used to.” That is very true of a lot of things these days. Without sounding too much like a bitter old man; children’s toys are now made2014 Williams Martini rear of plastic and not metal, washing machines tend to break ever couple of years not once a decade, and Formula One liveries are now very bland. Before cars were sponsored by banks and anti-virus software they gleamed with bright colour that have become iconic. Somehow I don’t think McLaren’s pure silver car will be one for the history books… However, Williams are bring back a blast from the past. Williams F1 reveal Martini livery.

A livery that looks so good that my own car wears a derivative of it! Williams have shown their 2014 Formula One car sporting a Martini livery. The new sponsorship deal between the two companies was leaked a few weeks ago, but actually seeing those famous stripes on the car reaffirms what i first though. This clearly is the best looking car on the grid for 2014!

These colours were last seen on the Brabham Formula One cars of the 1970’s. It is the perfect way to start the new turbo era of F1.