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Williams Unveil Anteater FW36 2014 Formula One Car


Williams FW36The Williams Formula One team is the stuff of legends. They have won the constructors championship 9 times and the drivers 7. However, their last championship victory was 17 years ago in 1997 and so Williams is hoping to take full advantage of the 2014 rule changes in order to claim victory once again. New driver to the team, Filipe Massa, has faith that the hard working British team can do just that as Williams unveil Anteater FW36 2014 Formula One Car.

Their rather ugly solution to the new rule that stipulates that the nose tip must be at a hight of 185mm from the ground has resulted in what is being call an “anteater” nose. The narrow snout complies with the rules whilst its reduced width decreases drag. Powered by a new 1.6 litre turbocharged Mercedes-Benz engine, the Williams FW36 is unlikely to be the only car with this design, much like the “step-nose” of 2012. Force India revealed their 2014 car that lacked this beaky feature, but later said that the nose design depicted in the imaged was not final. The 2014 cars livery will be unveiled at the first preseason test on 28th January.