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Has the World Outgrown the Bugatti Veyron?


Bugatti Veyron logoThe Bugatti Veyron is an engineering Tour de Force that literally gives the laws of physics a very hard time. There is no denying this cars brilliance for the sheer human ingenuity required to build a machine that can travel at over 250MPH every single day of the week, and be comfortable, is an achievement as impressive as Concord. For those who simply say “I just don’t like the Veyron” it is either a case of not understanding its complexity or “haters guna hate.” Later models such as the Super Sport pushed on to 267MPH with the aid of 1,200BHP and heavily revised aerodynamics. With confirmation of a Bugatti Veyron successor being built, am I the only person questioning how relevant a car such as the Veyron is anymore?

Don’t get me wrong!!! I love this car and I applaud the Volkswagen group for building it at a loss for the sake of our human curiosity and determination, but looking at the world around it, priorities have changed. I’m not talking about being kinder to the environment, more looking at the competition and seeing that their priorities have changed. Whilst the Veyron was built for the top speed crown, the likes of McLaren and Ferrari have focused on handling and overall lap time. For the Bugatti Veyron’s next incarnation to be as truly staggering as its predecessor, it needs to achieve that headline grabbing 300MPH or possess more performance tech than the P1.

Not 288MPH, not 299MPH… 300MPH. For all of the worlds richest people to sit up and get their credit cards out it needs to be the fastest by a long way, because if it is not it will be forgotten. The Bugatti Veyron did this with 253MPH and that is what made it more than “just another fast car” in a millionaires collection. It became a status symbol.

Whilst we are looking at electric turbos, KERS power boost and a focus on reducing the new Veyron’s overall weight, I’m unsure as to whether the world has outgrown the Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Veyron GrandSport white