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Zafira Concept is the Future of School-Runs


If you have a mass of human cargo to transport about the place you can’t do much better than the Vauxhall Zafira. For years it has ferried children to school and back with room to spare, as a people mover it is near faultless however it was never the most exciting way of getting around. A new incarnation of this car is just around the corner and to preview it the company has let a Concept out into the wild.

The Zafira Concept looks much more a space age shuttle than a people carrier, something that can only be to its advantage. It’s not just the exterior that has received a transformation, inside the cabin has moved up several pegs in terms of quality. Durability is now not the only focus as the whole environment has a much more premium look to it. The Zafira is powered by a fuel efficient 1.4 litre turbo engine with start/stop technology keeping those pounds in check whilst offering the same practicality as its predecessor.