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1000 Miles on One Tank, BMW 320d


These days having a car with a high MPG is just as appealing to some as the car with high BHP, and so manufacturers tailor many of their new models to be as eco-friendly as possible. Even Ferrari is doing it just to get a break from the green police! However looking through a handful of specifications on various city cars, I know for a fact that their claimed MPG is nothing other than a big fat lie. In real world conditions a VW Golf diesel will easily go further than a Prius on one fill-up. So when I hear about a BMW 3 Series doing 1,000 miles on a single tank I simply laughed, but then stopped only to find that this was very much a true story.

A BMW 320d set off from the channel bound for Munich with every intention of returning without a single visit to the petrol station. The car managed a staggering 1,013 miles on one fuel load and that wasn’t even when it was being driven economically! The driver averaged 65MPH on the trip and the driver didn’t use any fuel saving tactics. The car was a completely standard 320d with no nuclear power source to be found.

The car averaged an amazing 68.9 MPG and completed its return trip trouble free, not bad for a car that has 163BHP and can manage 137MPH. Let’s not forget that this isn’t some ethnic peace box, it’s a fully-fledged luxury saloon that wears a BMW badge. This is an amazing achievement that shows to the world that you don’t need to suffer a G-Wiz to save the polar ice cubes.