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1233BHP Zenvo ST-1 50S Announced


Can you ever have too much power? Well if your a dictator the answer is likely no, but what about a car? The original Bugatti Veyron boasted a fabled 1001BHP, a truley biblical sum. The Super Sport model furthered that with an incredible 1,184BHP that enabled it to achieve 267MPH. Danish manufacturer, Zenvo, produced a car with 1000BHP+ last year but obviously this silly sum still isn’t enough.

Enter the Zonvo St-1 50S a 1233BHP chainsaw gargling monster. Powered by a 7.0 litre turbo and supercharged engine the cars top speed had to be limited to 233MPH. Naturally 0-62MPH is completed in under 3 seconds making it as fast as it looks. Torque is also a hefty 1106lb-ft. The cost of all this power is a cool £1.1 million! However Zenvo will chuck in a £30,000 watch to sweeten the deal.