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1500BHP Super Bugatti Veyron Cancelled


Bugatti Veyron black and whiteOfficially the worlds fastest production car on sale today, the Bugatti Veyron when it first appeared in 2005 blew the automotive world away. 1,001BHP, a top speed of 253MPH and all whilst being able to maintain a conversation in the cockpit. Volkswagen, Bugatti’s parent company, actually make a £4,000,000 loss on every Veyron sold, but making a profit was never top of the agenda. This car is an engineering marvel, but designers were not going to stop there! Giving the laws of physics another thrashing the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport arrived with 1,200BHP and a top speed of 267.8MPH. Could this machine get any faster? The answer is yet, but… 1500BHP super Bugatti Veyron cancelled.

Bugatti are soon to stop building the Veyron with less than 40 of the limited production quota availably to buy. The company were working on an astonishing final variation of this titanic icon to close the Veyron chapter. A car with 1,500BHP and a potential top speed aiming for over 280MPH. Those are some astonishing figures, but why are they now only ever going to be notes in an engineers scrapbook? The company has shifted its focus onto the Veyron’s successor which has been confirmed as their next model. All resources are going into making this car surpass its forefather, which is no easy task.

Whilst we are disappointed that the Veyron is going to miss out on its definitive incarnation, we rest safe in the knowledge that Bugatti’s next car will be even more potent.