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2000BHP Lamborghini Crashes at 200MPH


2000BHP LamborghiniMan is always in pursuit of speed. The latest supercars are a true show of our lust for speed with many cracking 0-62MPH in 3 seconds and having a V-Max of over 200MPH is nothing new. However, sometimes people want to push these machines even further than what a manufacturer has designed them to do. Tuning supercars is nothing new, but those antics usually results in some new alloy wheels, a bodykit and reworked exhaust systems for the majority. The minority take things to extremes, much like the owner of this 2000BHP Lamborghini which ended up in a lake.

With two large turbos bolted onto this Lamborghini’s already powerful V10 engine, the total output rises from 553BHP to over 2000BHP. That is colossal! Whilst the cars chassis and other components were never engineered to take that level of power, the people who put this Gallardo together must be commended for managing to nearly quadruple its stock figure. However, at the “Wanna Go Fast” event in America when this raging bull was let off of the chain for a 1/2 mile run, things went wrong. Losing control of the car, the driver spins the 200BHP Lamborghini at 200MPH and ends up in a lake. Amazingly he wasn’t hurt!

Check out the video.