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2012 Maserati Quattroporte Details


The Maserati Quattroporte to the casual eye looks to be just another luxury barge with questionable styling, but those who possess these casual eyes would be very wrong indeed. In truth the Quattroporte is a four door Ferrari as it has full access to the prancing horses parts bin and it is also made by the very same engineers. So whilst being able to maintain the charade of being the Counts run about it secretly harbours the desire to shred every ounce of rubbing it can get hold of. And 2012 brings the next incarnation of this bipolar Italian.

The Maserati CEO says that the 2012 model will be 15% lighter to improve economy and handling as well as incorporating stop-start technology. But the biggest surprise comes with the addition of all wheel drive. This system may well improve the cars handling and balance but the bigger story here is that Ferrari, or at least a subsidiary of them, is developing an all-wheel-drive system. Now imagine what use the red Italian stallion could have for that in one of its own cars…