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2012 Mercedes SL Leaks Out Ahead Of Debut


The Mercedes-Benz SL line is a range of motors that have been highly refined over the years. The past few in particular have been excellent and even incorporated a metal folding roof. The three pointed star has been keeping it’s all-new SL under wraps as when it makes its debut, Merc say it will be a real benchmark setter. Unfortunately for the Germans someone isn’t very good at keeping secrets…

Here it is, well before its 2012 Detroit debut, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL. Taking some hefty styling tips from its big brother, the SLS, the new SL with its angular stance is a striking thing to behold. Inside is just as muscular as the exterior with some body hugging seats that take their purpose very seriously. Mercedes say that this car goes back to the true meaning of SL (Sport Light) as the body is constructed mainly from aluminium.

Naturally Mercedes-Benz are keen for no more information to be leaked out ahead of schedule and so for the full details we shall just have to wait.