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2013 Shelby Mustang GT500 To Do 200MPH


Mustang. A name synonymous with legendary stories, heroics and determination. Used to talk about specific horses and fighter planes, it was when Ford put the nameplate on its car that the public could have their very own stallion. Mr Shelby made his name preparing special Mustangs and today he is still doing the very same. Shelby’s snake has slithered its way onto the 2013 model.

Now you might be thinking that the 2013 car will be just a series of minor updates that results in some extra power and a new grill… Well, you are half right. The new ‘stang doesn’t look much different to the previous model with the only real changes coming to the grill. However, lifting the bonnet reveals a 5.8 litre aluminium supercharged block that produces 650BHP as standard. Its torque figures are just as impressive sitting at 600lb-ft! Yet there is one more figure that casts a shadow upon the ones that have gone before it. From the showroom the new 2013 GT500 will do over 200MPH.