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2013 Skoda Octavia Proves Bigger To Be Better


2013 Skoda Octavia frontOnce upon a time Skoda was the automotive industries biggest joke. They were basic, unreliable and undesirable. These days things are very different2013 Skoda Octavia inside as ever since VW claimed Skoda, the rest of us have had to eat humble pie. Today their cars are brilliant value and very well made thanks to the accessibility of Volkswagens parts bin. The Octavia has always been a strong seller for Skoda and the new 2013 model looks to continue that trend.

Sporting a bold new design, this is the new Octavia. It is rather handsome isn’t it? Attractive new lines make for a more distinctive silhouette and overall premium look. For 2013 the car has grown and now boasts “ unrivalled” interior space for its class. Petrol engines include a 1.4TSI with either 128BHP or 138BHP and a 1.8TSI with 177BHP 184lb ft of torque. On the diesel side of things the entry is a 1.6 litre with 103BHP and two 2.0 litre engines with 147BHP and 181BHP. There is another 1.6 diesel in the line-up that offers a claimed 83MPG. Gearboxes come in form of a 6 speed manual or a 7 speed dual-clutch automatic.

Hitting showrooms in March 2013, the all-new Skoda Octavia looks to have many aces up its sleeve.