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2016 BMW 7 Series Unveiled


2016 BMW 7 Series rearThe new BMW 7 Series has finally been revealed and is bigger and is bathed in high tech luxury ready to take on the Mercedes S Class. This flagship model will hit showrooms in November 2015 with prices starting from £63,750. The new technology in this 7 Series is recognisable when you see it face-to-face, the kidney grille remains put but each side of it is the aggressive headlights you will find on the BMW i8 supercar. Around the back there are also newly designed lights but the rest of the exterior remains largely the same – a somewhat identical profile to the current 7 Series has been given to this new model and it remains distinctly recognisable as BMW’s luxury car.

This new model will still also be available in normal and long wheelbase formats – the base model is 2.6cm larger than before whereas the LWB version is a huge 14cm longer – this accommodates for2016 BMW 7 Series cabin more passenger space as well as a 515-litre boot. The height and width remain roughly the same as before so the added length gives a more sporty and dynamic feel to there profile but make no mistake, this is the largest Series model BMW have ever produced. This added dimension doesn’t make it a big cumbersome thing, however. Thanks to innovative techniques such as carbon-fibre reinforced plastic being used as well as lighter engines, this new model is a full 130kg lighter than the outgoing model which is a massive weight loss for this type of car.

When you jump inside you are surrounded in conventional 7 Series opulence. The major design change being the new dash with the freestanding infotainment monitor. This design is for both the standard and larger 10.2-inch option. This is also a touchscreen for the first time and Connected Drive comes with “interactive traffic sign updating”, this being a world first. The iDrive controller in the centre remains present and there is a new gesture control system for a more interactive and easy experience. A 3D sensor reads the occupants gestures and carries out the command accordingly. This technology will come first on this new flagship model.

There is also an optional Heat Control System which allows the driver and passengers to heat the front and rear armrests, the steering wheel and the seats individually. Four-zone climate control will come as standard with the controls to be found on a touchscreen between the rear seats. There is a further host on tech on offer as well including WiFi, massaging seats, wireless phone charging and a removable 7-inch tablet that control various car functions. And of course it wouldn’t be without the option of the ‘Ambient Air Package’ which has a the choice of eight scents to be released into the cabin.

Another world first on this car comes in the form of the ‘Parking Assistant’. This enables the car to park itself in and out of forward parking and the best part? You don’t even need to be in the car! This may take a bit of getting used to however watching your £70,000 car drive around by itself. This is made possible using the new ‘Display Key’.

BMW also continue to staple there name as having a more enjoyable drive than others. A new ‘Executive Drive Pro’ function uses both the air suspension and adaptive dampers to smoothen the ride and eradicate body roll.

Only six-cylinder engines will be available in the 7-Series come launch date, with more options being expected to be introduced further down the line. The 740LI and the 730D models have a 3.0-litre twin turbo unit producing 326bhp and 265bhp respectively with 620Nm of torque for plenty of pulling power. There will also be the introduction of the 740e model which brings BMW’s hybrid technology to the range and reportedly returns 134mpg – very impressive for a car of this size.

The 730d kicks off the range at £63,750 or £67,700 if you opt for the long wheelbase version. The 740LI comes in at £72,060. Two trim levels are available across the range – standard and M Sport and four wheel drive is also an option across the range.