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2016 BMW M4 Competition Pack Adds More Power


2016 BMW M4 Competition packM cars are some very special machines and their latest incarnations are simply sublime. However, has anyone complained that the new BMW M4 with its turbocharged engine is not powerful enough? The echo in the room seems to suggest not, but celebrating 30 years of the M badge is the competition package which turns the lunacy up to11. Yes, the 2016 BMW M4 Competition Pack adds more power.

Under the bonnet of this crazy coupe you will find a 3.0 litre in-line six cylinder twin-turbo charged engine, but instead of packing 425 BHP it is now armed with 444 BHP. Whilst torque remains at 405lb ft, the 0-62 MPH is 4 seconds flat when optioned with the dual clutch automatic transmission. A still not shabby 4.2 to 62 MPH is achievable in the manual. New suspension components have been added including more focused; anti-roll bar, springs, and dampers. A few exterior tweaks to the bodywork and a set of unique alloy wheels provide the icing for this very fast 2016 BMW M4 Competition Pack cake.

You can also option the competition pack on the M3 and M4 convertible for a more practical and stylish means to go faster. Prices have yet to be announced but expect the increase to be inline with that seen on the M5 and M6 Competition Pack.