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Abarth Cut the Head off the 500


The Headless Horseman strikes again as Abarth decapitates their 500! The pintsize Rottweiler that we all know and love is both a riot on the road as well as in the styling department thanks to those “I’m going to bite your nose off” rims. Today Abarth have announced a 500C variant so now you can shame those French hatchbacks whilst having the wind rushing through your hair.

Being Italian Fiat did a fantastic job of incorporating the rag-top into the cars pillars allowing Abarth to continue this in their car. The car also gains 5BHP over the hard-top variant thanks to an improved CPU bring the power up to a dizzying 140BHP… Ok dizzying for a tiny car like this. 0-62MPH is dealt with in 8.1 seconds and a top speed now reaching 128MPH. The Abarth 500C is also a safer car with 7 airbags to keep occupants in one piece. Nothing on pricing as yet, but we will keep you posted.