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Alfa Romeo 4C Sets Record at the Nürburgring


Alfa Romeo 4C recordThe “Green Hell,” as a famous Scotsman once called it, is used by just about every car manufacturer whilst designing and building a new model. Nürburgring offers a real challenge for key components of a car such as chassis and suspension. Alfa Romeo’s highly regarded 4C has just set a new record at the Nordschleife.

Records are made to be broken and the Alfa Romeo 4C has just set the fastest lap time of any road production car with under 250HP. The lap itself took just 8 minutes and 4 seconds to complete putting it in the same league as a Porsche Cayman S despite having an 84BHP disadvantage. The Turbocharged 1.7 litre engine will get the 4C to 62MPH from standing in just 4.5 seconds.