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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept is a Topless Model


Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept rearThe Alfa Romeo 4C is a very pretty and now extremely sort after sports car. Alfa’s first true two seater in a long time is in such demand that dealerships don’t even have a demonstration vehicle to let potential customers sampleAlfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept front the car. The Italian firm literally can not build them fast enough. Joining the coupe, and likely to be in just as much demand, is the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider of which a close to production ready concept has been shown at Geneva.

Looking just as attractive as when the 4C made its debut, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept is the drop-top Italian sports car we have all been waiting for. A canvas roof sits in place over the occupants in a bid to keep the increase in weight limited to 60KG. The window frame and rollover hoop are both made of a carbonfibre for increased strength and again to keep the weight down. New headlights and alloy wheels further differentiate this car from the coupe, but it is still powered by the same mid-mounted 1.75 litre turbocharge engine. 0-62MPH takes just 4.5 seconds. Alfa say its top speed is over 155MPH. A new exhaust system has also been implemented on the Spider.