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Another One Bites The Dust, Bristol Cars Goes Into Administration


The British car industry today is a joke! Once Britannia not only ruled the waves but also the roads to the point where a British built machine was nearly always the class leader. Nobody built sports cars like the Brit’s, take the E-Type Jag for example, a car still regarded as one of the most beautiful designs and innovative in terms of engineering. Bristol cars were often quite the enigma but this added to their charm and when they piped up with yet another crazy idea people took note. Now Bristol has gone bust and the motor industry loses another piece of British heritage.

After 65 years of rolling out cars inspired by the mad hatter the admins have taken over and the lights of the obscure but loved firm have gone out. The Bristol Fighter T was possibly the best known of its modern-day cars with a V10 from a Dodge Viper that produced over 1,000BHP! It also had gullwing doors but lacked ABS, airbags or generally anything else that would save your life in a crash. Owners of the cars loved them but traditionally the company never allowed the press the opportunity to test their cars in a bid to keep its mystery alive.

I think its disgusting how a country that was deemed as a super power in the automotive world has been left to deteriorate. Whilst the British government a busy bailing out meaningless corporations it is the history of this once great country that will suffer. In years to come Britain will be mocked for letting the likes of Land Rover, Jaguar and even Rover go as their new owners turn them into prospering businesses once again.