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Ariel Atom 3.5 Is The Bomb


Take a high revving, highly strung engine and place it inside some scaffolding. Attach four wheels and a spring in each corner. What you will end up with is a car so spartan that even so called “minimalists” will blush. The Ariel Atom is one of those cars that titters on edge of both madness and brilliance. Now it gets even better with the 3.5.

Building on the highly successful Atom 3, Ariel have unleashed what they are calling the 3.5. This updated model benefits from lessons learnt whilst building the insane Atom V8 as well as adding a few tweaks found on the Mugen tuned edition. New dampers and engine mountings aid this little Brit storm any snaking track that little bit faster. It also receives a new LCD dashboard with built in shift indicators. The 2.0 litre standard car does not get the benefit of a power boost, but the supercharged car gets a bump of 10 culminating in a total of 310BHP.