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Ariel Atom Gets The Mugen Treatment


The Ariel Atom is absolutely insane. End, no questioning, no arguing, it just is. At the end of the day the car is just scaffolding, two seats and an engine making it one of the most basic motoring experiences you can have… And that is exactly why we love it! This car performance at its purest level giving the diver unrelenting performance in the way it accelerates and the epic manner it changes direction. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the British company and to celebrate legendary tuning arm of Honda, Mugen, got involved.

The Mugen Ariel Atom in all its white and red flare doesn’t gain any more elegance but what it does receive a tweaked 2.0 litre K20Z Type-R engine. Now that might not sound huge but remembering this car weighs less than a prosthetic leg and so performance dramatically increases. Putting that into perspective 0-60MPH is done it just 2.9 seconds and it will go on to a top speed of 150MPH, more than enough for a car without a windscreen. The Mugen is limited to just 10 units and each on will set back potential owners £49,740.