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Aston Martin DBX is like no other Aston Before it


Aston Martin DBX Concept frontWhy are more and more sports car manufacturers producing products that you otherwise wouldn’t associate with them? Porsche and the Macan, Bentley Bentayga and so on… The answer is simple. Those who can afford such luxury product have different tastes to what their parents did and hence why more Range Rovers have been sold than ever before. That’s not to say that the luxury GT is dead, but many manufacturers are seeing the potential in diversifying. At the 2015 Geneva motor show the Aston Martin DBX Concept explores an area the brand has not been associated with before.

This high riding GT car promotes the notion of defying convention according to the company. Engineers were basically told to imagine what this marketplace would become years into the future. Clearly they see the trend of crossovers continuing… Whilst the design is undoubtably that of an Aston Martin, traditional grill and all, its large wheels and shorter overhangs transform the stance from that associated with a sports car into an SUV. Inside practicality is promoted with space for four seated individually. The boot is also said to be generous. A final surprise from the Aston Martin DBX is that it is all-electric. WHAT! An electric Aston Martin?! Yes, it is powered by inboard electric motors and lithium sulphur cells. Also the car has a kinetic energy recovery system.

Whilst the Aston Martin DBX is by no means ready for production, Aston Chief Andy Palmer has said that there is a car in development that will fulfil the roll of this concept car.

Aston Martin DBX Concept insideAston Martin DBX Concept rear