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Aston Martin Named Coolest Brand On Earth


They say that Ferrari’s prancing horse is the worlds most recognized logo. Apple produce some of the worlds most desired electronics. It is widely regarded that Bang & Olufsen make the ultimate sound system. All these brands are admired the world over, but what is the coolest? Not the best, but universally the most collectively admired? The answer is none of them as Aston Martin has yet again taken top prize as the worlds coolest brand.

The British sports car manufacturer do produce some of the planets most incredible cars. In our opinion Aston produce their own unique flavor and nobody produces a car that is “like an Aston Martin.” Characterful design, brilliant engineering and heritage that is only matched by these machines designs are all contributing factors. This isn’t the first time Aston has won this award and I am sure it wont be the last. Hard luck Microsoft, you’ll be cool one day…