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Aston Martin Previews New DBS


The Aston Martin DBS is one of our favorite machines to play with. The butch V12 GT is both beauty and the beast with its dashing looks and symphony of horsepower. But all the British charm in the world can not save the DBS from what is inevitable. Before the year is out Aston will reveal its replacement. At Villa ‘dEste they are testing the water with a new concept car.

This is Project AM310 and is in effect our best look so far at the next-gen DBS. It retains that familiar broad shouldered stance but mixes in elements of the flagship One-77. The carbon/aluminium body is something to behold with elegant swooping curves combined with some aggressive detailing. We are also huge fans of those diamond-turned rims.

As much as we will miss the DBS, we are very much looking forward to the finished product that will take its place.