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592 BHP Aston Martin Vanquish S Breaks Cover


aston-martin-vanquish-s-4We’d wager that there isn’t a petrol-head on the planet not salivating at the prospect getting their hands on Aston Martin’s all new DB11. Of course, for all but the lucky few, Aston’s latest creation of beauty will remain permanently out of reach. Nevertheless, there’s no stemming the buzz of excitement that’s been enveloping the British brand over these past 12 months, ever since the lift-off of the DB11 project. Now, Aston devotees and just about anyone with an ounce of artistic taste in their bodies can look forward another big release; the long-awaited arrival of an all-new ‘super GT’, the dashing Vanquish S.

For this, second generation of the Vanquish S, Aston boffins have focus their attentions specifically on squeezing ultimate performance from the thundering 6.0 litre V12 engine whilst at the same time bringing plenty in the way of chassis and aerodynamic upgrades.

aston-martin-vanquish-sThe results of some tinkering with the naturally-aspirated powertrain’s intake system are manifest. Compared to its standard spec stable mate’s 565bhp, the new Vanquish S ups the ante to 592bhp, thanks to a set of revised, large volume inlet manifolds allowing even greater airflow to the oxygen-thirsty engine at high revs. Throttle response is also more rapid, with the new S variant sprinting from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds – that’s three tenths faster than the base Coupé model. Maximum torque remains at a potent 465 lb/ft, with the Vanquish S red-lining at 201mph.

aston-martin-vanquish-s-5Elsewhere, Aston’s Touchtronic automatic transmission returns to the fold, complete with manual overdrive via the existing pair of steering wheel-mounted paddles.  Aboard the Vanquish S, the 8-speed gearbox has been recalibrated to deliver snappier gearshifts than before at high speeds and greater refinement at crawling pace. Meanwhile, a raft of alterations to the new super GT’s suspension, including re-tuned dampers, spring rates and anti-roll bar bushes give it the edge over the standard Vanquish Coupé and Volante when launched into racier drive modes.

aston-martin-vanquish-s-1Visually, the Vanquish S sports a fresh new carbon fibre aero package. A revised front splitter and extended rear diffuser add some visual menace whilst also keeping lift to a minimum, but it’s the all-new quad exhausts that hand the S its most palpable sense of super GT aggression.

A raft of options is available both inside and out, with customers able to plump for such extra goodies as carbon fibre bonnet louvres, new forged 5-spoke wheels and an array of customisable graphics packs. Existing Vanquish owners will already be familiar with the S’s largely unaltered cabin, although the optional ‘Filograph’ quilted leather upholstery pattern is a bound to be popular amongst those who want to add some unique flavour to the interior.

Available in both Coupe and Volante guises, the upcoming Aston Martin Vanquish S will hit showrooms in time for Christmas this year. However, be prepared to fork out a snip under £200,000 for this handsome stocking filler.  aston-martin-vanquish-s-3