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Audi Produce Record Global Sales


The German manufacturer Audi produces some of the best designed cars on have ever seen the light of day. Build quality is something that they have mastered over the years and are now globally recognized for. The levels of luxury in even base model cars is  of a very high standard across all 11 main types of car it builds. The past year has seen a hard time for many badges in the industry yet in these tough times Audi has still managed to surpass its own targets.

At the end of 2010 Audi have well and truly drawn four rings around the competition selling over 1,092,400 cars worldwide. This grand figure even surprised them with 101,629 of those sales being in America, yet another record for Audi. The extremely diverse model range that this company holds has ensured that it remains Europe’s best selling premium brand of car. From hatchback to saloon, 4X4 to supercar, Audi has really hit the nail on the head and reaped the benefits of its success.