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Audi R18 TDI Shows It’s True Colours


And so the clash of the Le Mans titans is just a matter of weeks away and with Audi and Peugeot both bringing all-new cars who the victor shall be is anyones guess. Audi’s new R18 TDI is a major departing from previous entrants as it incorporates a roof in its design. Apparently this is to reduce driver fatigue and boost aerodynamic flow. Now complete with its racing colours Audi feel confident in winning the worlds most famous endurance event.

With its race face on the R18 looks like one mean machine and you know what they say… “If it looks fast it usually is.” By that logic this car should be an absolute rocket ship. Set to make its racing debut at the 1,000KM of Spa on 7th May the time for testing is over and it is now all down to the men behind the wheel and the machine beneath him.