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Audi Unveil S6, S7 and S8


Luxury German cars don’t come much better than Audi. A near perfect combination of tranquility and performance backed up with the rally born, yet thoroughly refined, Quattro drive system. Audi’s latest offerings have just been unveiled in S trim and all make a very good argument for your cash to leave your wallet.

Audi’s new luxury barge, the A8, has been predictably named the S8 and is armed with a new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 as well as a dual clutch gearbox. Producing 512BHP and 479lb-ft of torque, the S8 will complete a 0-62MPH run in just 4.2 seconds! The S6 and S7 are powered by the same unit but with only 420BHP. The S6 will do 62MPH in 4.8 seconds and the S7 in 4.9.